Metal Fabricator Illinois, Steel Fabrication, Aluminum Fabrication

A Metal Fabricator is what we commonly would like to be described as being.

Our name, Palatine Welding Company, might suggest that we are just a welding company, but we are much more than that.

A Steel Fabricator would not completely define us, because that would suggest that we are limited to just steel. That would not be true.

We also work with;

  • Stainless steel fabrication, and all of the different alloys that this material comes in.
  • Aluminum fabrication, and all of the different alloys that this material comes in.
  • Carbon steel fabrication, and Carbon Steel Alloy fabrication.

Palatine Welding is involved in all aspects of the Fabrication of Metals;

Title: Metal Fabrication Shop - Description: Fabrication Bay
  • Metal Cutting
  • Metal Forming, and Rolling
  • Metal Joining
  • Metal Finishing
  • Fabricated Metal and Machinery Assembly

Palatine Welding tends to specialize in Industrial Metal Fabrication, but we are also involved in some Structural Metal Fabrication, Architectural Metal Fabrication, Metal Art Fabrication, and Repair Maintenance Welding. Past projects have included, but are not limited to;

Title: Conveyor Frame - Description: Carbon Steel Conveyor Frame Title: Process Tank and Platform - Description: Process Tank and Platform Title: Heavy Steel Plate Fabrication - Description: Heavy Steel Plate fabrication Title: Sheet Metal Duct Fabrication - Description: Sheet Metal Duct Fabrication
  • Conveyor Frames
  • Machine Bases
  • Tanks – Round Tanks, and Rectangular Tanks
  • Furnace Shells
  • Heat Treating Ovens
  • oH Hoppers
  • Brackets
  • Metal Frames
  • Metal Ducts
  • Machinery Parts Bra
  • Bins Bins
  • Machinery Stands
  • Carts
  • Structural Platforms
  • Railings
  • Ladders
  • Machinery Guards
  • Enclosures
  • Exhibits
  • Metal Art
  • Architectural Sheet Metal
  • Sheet Metal Fabrications
  • Plate Steel Fabrications
  • Structural Steel Fabrications

If you have a Metals Fabrication Project that you would be interested in having somebody take a look at for you – contact the Palatine Welding Sales Department. We will be happy to access the feasibility of Palatine Welding producing your project.

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