Metal Fabrication Estimating, and Job Processing

Title: Metal Fabrication Estimator - Description: Hard at work Estimating Metal Fabrication projects

The Metal Fabrication Estimator

If you want to talk with a metals fabrication estimator with 10+ years of fabrication experience, then you are in the right place. Back that up with supervisors overseeing this work that possess 25+ years' experience in metals fabrication.

Fast is best, and accurate is better. Here's how we do it.

  • We have developed our system of metals fabrication estimating since before computers were available. As soon as the first desktop units were hitting the market we were on it right away to implement our style of estimating into the process. The results of our efforts have evolved into a very sophisticated, fast and accurate way of producing cost estimates for metal fabricated projects.
  • Materials purchases are constantly recorded in our system, and we always have at our disposal the most current prices available for all metals, and materials being specified for an upcoming project.
  • Labor used by our shop is constantly recorded by each activity of shop function by the fabricator in the shop.
  • The Estimator enters the project materials into the computer and the materials are priced based on current materials costs per recent purchases of the same materials.
  • The Estimator then enters the processes that will be used on each piece of materials in the project, and the computer then calculates how long it will take to produce the part based on average times recorded in our shop to achieve the same processes on like materials.

OK, computers are only so good, and a good estimator must look at the results of the computer work and make adjustments to the final estimate per the estimators' expert judgment of what it really takes to get the work done. This is why our estimators have at least 10 yrs. of Metal Fabrication experience before they are involved in this process.

Title: Metal Fabrication Job Processing Desk - Description: Blue Prints, CAD Files, and Steel Books at the Metals Fabrication Job processing Desk.

The Metal Fabrication Job processor

This is the department here at Palatine Welding Company that makes sure that the Shop has all the information, all the information is clearly represented, and has all the materials on hand to produce the projects without delay.

Palatine Welding has been given the project to get it produced. Once the project hits the shop floor, everything has to be in place so that the Metal Fabricator does not need to stop his progress to get answers that were not clearly represented by the customers drawings or documents. Time is money out in the shop and that is where everything needs to flow along smoothly and quickly.

This is what the Job processor does;

  • They go thru all documents to make sure that we have all the drawings and information necessary to produce the project correctly.
  • They check the drawings for properly noted weld symbols, and make sure that dimensioning adds up properly.
  • They add information to the drawings that will assist the fabricator in visualizing and deciphering the drawings properly in the shop.
  • They produce Separate parts Details and produce part programming for parts that will be produced in CNC equipment.
  • They make sure that all materials are available to the shop to produce the project.
  • They set up all outsourced services required to be used on the project and make sure that those services are provided to us as required to complete the project when the customer expects it to be completed.

The persons employed by Palatine Welding in this position are graduated Mechanical Engineers, that have been required to spend a minimum amount of time working out in our shop to learn the processes that Palatine Welding Company uses in the fabrication of metal projects.

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