Palatine Welding Company FAQs

1. Is Palatine Welding able to handle your project?

Yes. Since 1973 we have been completing custom metal fabrication work for a variety of industries. We have the ability to complete most, or all phases of a project. From a simple cutting project all the way through turn-key projects that include fabrication, stress relieving, machining, coating, grinding and assembly.

2. Can Palatine Welding complete the project in a required time frame?

Yes. Not only does Palatine Welding have a history of on-time performance, we also have a production manager who updates our schedule throughout the day, keeping everyone involved up to speed and aware of what can be achieved.

3. Is Palatine Welding price competitive?

Yes. Our comprehensive knowledge of what it takes to fabricate a project, of all the costs involved, and our ability to work with the customer enables us to achieve a cost that works for everyone.

Our purchasing power also makes a difference. Metals and service providers are very aware of PWC ‘s industry stability. Our vendors give us the best prices.

4. Does Palatine Welding back its quality?

Yes. PWC has an in-house inspector to monitor any quality issues that may arise during the fabrication process. An inspection report is generated for all projects. PWC will completely back materials and workmanship. If problems arise, we respond immediately to correct any and all cutomer objections or concerns.

5. Does Palatine Welding allow customers to send personnel into PWC’s facility to do work?

Yes. With proper insurance documentation, PWC will allow outside personnel to work at our facility.

6. Can Palatine Welding work with metric?

Yes. PWC has many customers that submit their drawings in metric format.

7. Does Palatine welding do detailing?

Yes. PWC creates shop detail drawings to clarify customer drawings.

8. Does Palatine Welding provide showroom / exhibit-quality work?

Yes. We have worked with many exhibit company throughout the years. We have been able to work within their tight time constraints and achieve the level of quality demanded.

9. Does Palatine Welding handle small projects?

Yes. Just call and ask.

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