Cutting and Processing Metals

The Cutting and Processing Department is where the shop gets all projects going. This expert group of individuals makes sure that materials are all cut and processed. They Organize, Mark and Stack as necessary for the shop fabricators to efficiently find and use the metal parts required to produce the project before them. These individuals are well versed in the operation of the equipment's necessary to the fabrication of metals. They have a complete understanding of the blueprints and detailed information provided them to successfully prepare the job for the metal fabricator.

  • Shearing Metals – We have 12 ft. Shears capable of cutting 5/8" HR Plate.
  • Sawing Metals – We have Band Saws capable of cutting a 14" Square block of Steel.
  • Flame Cutting Metals – We have, or have access to several methods of Torch cutting metals.
  • Oxyacetylene Metal Cutting – from 24 guage to 8" thick Plates
  • High Definition Plasma Cutting – from 24 guage to 4" thick Plates
  • Laser Cutting – You name it, we can get this done.
  • Water Jet Cutting – You name it, we can get this done.
  • Drilling Metals – We are capable of putting all size of holes in all sizes of materials.
  • Machining Metals – We are capable of, or have access to all forms of machining requirements.
  • Punching Metals – We have CNC Punching Equipment with 30 ton capability. We are also equipped with Hydraulic manual punching equipment with capability to notch, and hole punch materials as needed.
  • Forming and Rolling the Metals
  • Metal Bending – We have Pressbrake Metals Forming equipment capable of bending materials 16 ft. long. Our 250 ton pressbrakes can typically handle mild steel components up to 1/4" thick x 16 ft. long, and thicker materials in shorter lengths.
  • Metal Rolling – Our Metals rolling equipment can handle rolling materials up to 8 ft. in length. Examples of this work would be Rolled Round Tanks, Rolled Cylinders, and Rolled Troughs.
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